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    Whenever the gameframe plays an animated sequence, it crashes (all the pixels go dark and nothing happens until I hit a button to wake it back up). This happens in clock mode and normal play mode. Any idea what could be causing this?

    Further Info:
    1). This is a V2 (post-kickstarter version) purchased 1.5 weeks ago (saw it in my Tested email update from Norm! Had to get in on the last ones in stock!)
    2). I zotted it with a static shock from my crummy Zues fingers last Friday. I bought a new Teensy LC and wrote the Firmware from Github to it, as well as all the libraries I collected. The original teensy was definitely dead.
    3). If i set the animations to Paused in clock mode, everything runs perfectly fine.

    I’m hoping this is just a software gremlin, and not something on the main board that I let the blue smoke out of.


    Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams

    Wow that is really weird! I love that people are still finding new strange things after so many years.

    Does the Game Frame animation play when you turn it on? Does the Game work? Do menus functions? What happens when you wake it back up?

    One thing we could try is formatting the microSD card and extracting the data on there again. Send me an email (jeremy at this domain) and I can send you the files.



    I would say it is more accurate to say I am causing strange things, rather than simply finding them. It is very likely that static discharge is the root of these issues.

    Does the Game Frame animation play when you turn it on?


    Does the Game work?

    Sure does, although I hadn’t gotten around to mapping the remote button yet, so I just die over and over again.

    Do menus functions?


    What happens when you wake it back up?

    I can usually wake it back up by getting into the menu or hitting the Next button, but it crashes again at the next animation.

    I’ll email you about getting the SD Card files.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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