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Jeremy WilliamsJeremy Williams

I’m a little confused. In the first column of your image (hour), is that the minute hand pointing straight up to 12:00? If so, it looks different than in the MINS column (two pixels wide instead of 1). I’m also not sure how you differentiate between the hour and minute hands, since they’re both single pixels and look to be the same length.

I think a better approach would be to write code to draw the clock in layers; first background, then hour hand, then minute, then second. You could do what transparent GIFs do, and assign a single color as “transparent” that just doesn’t get drawn. Then just redraw the whole scene every second. That’s basically what the digital clock is doing, but it draws digits from left to right and doesn’t require transparency.

In your example, I think the clock looks great though. Way better than any analog experiments I came up with.