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My GF has been working fine for months now. However it has recently been coming up without SD errors. The only fix was to pull the plug and power back on.
I have been living with this but this evening the SD error with blue lines became one with green lines and when powered back on it came up with the same error straight away!

I have the original images on it along with the fx ones that came with the WiFi upgrade, plus a load of images from the forums.

I have tried to back up the card so I can re format it to FAT32 as mentioned on here.

But when I load you the SD reader, the card appears but when highlighting all the files to copy and paste into a back up folder on my PC. It then fails to copy them onto my PC and the SD usb stops responding. And know I’m getting a location not available message when I try and insert and read the SD to copy it.

Any suggestions please!
Do I need a new SD card?
If so Can you resend me the files I will need to load onto it?

Thanks again for the support