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Jeremy WilliamsJeremy Williams

Great! One last update that should fix the previous button issue. I’ll get the code up on GitHub later today.


Rather than showing the wrong signal it will just show no signal at all. Previously any repeat signal was accepted, and it would always repeat the last prime signal detected. Now it won’t accept repeat signals if there has been a 250ms delay since the last valid signal (prime or repeat).

The remote record screen issue is acceptable. You may need to press a button twice, but at least it’s not accepting bogus signals. I’m also really happy it’s storing them correctly.

Setting the clock is a better user experience all around and is better for everyone. I’m glad you provided the impetus to change it.

Breakout is kind of random. If you hit on the center pixel it’s a 1:1 deflection. If you hit on the side pixels it deflects in that direction at a random angle. Speed increases with each brick hit. It is hard, but it is possible to beat. 🙂