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I needed a different command because no IR code received is also ‘Z’, and I needed to know if I needed to read an IR code immediately (bad code usually followed by correct code) or not (no button pressed).

Your updated firmware seems to completely fix the issue in remoteTest() and in general use of the menus, but setting the clock is still almost impossible (pressing menu is only recognized 1 out of 3 times maybe, and it does not recognize when I release the button well), and recordIRCodes() still has the same issue (though this time, it asked me for the MENU code, but then the NEXT code flashed without asking me anything), and remote.ini looks like this after (not even one valid code was read) :


# Learned Codes
power = 715979422
menu = 32895
next = 1699874231

As far as I’m concerned the remaining issues are not that big a deal (can set time using physical buttons, and if I ever need to change remote, I can use the crash test screen to read the code, and edit the remote.ini file by hand).

What did you change in this firmware?