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Do you not have issues with framerate with large videos like this?

When I tried playing video-framerate data, I found that it couldn’t manage the framerate. It’d start around 15-20 FPS (didn’t measure it), which was too low to keep up with movies, then progressively slow down as it rendered frames. It got down to around 4-5 FPS before I stopped it (don’t recall how long the video was, probably a few hundred frames). It looked like two problems: the frame rendering speed (too much conversion, etc. happening), and I think the SDFAT code is re-scanning the directory to find each file, so as it went further into the directory it’d take longer and longer to find the next frame.

I ended up editing the firmware to make a movie player. It uses a custom pre-swizzled file format, which lets me read each frame directly into the backing store (reducing read-and-flip to a few lines of code), and which puts the whole video in a single file, so it never has to switch files mid-video. It manages around 50 FPS. 60 would be nice, but I was only looking to break 24, so I can export full-framerate animations from AFX. (I haven’t done anything with it or cleaned it up, or I’d send a PR as an alternate firmware.)